Welcome to the Physics Department


This year we celebrated the 7th anniversary of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and the 52nd anniversary of the Department of Physics at the University of Maribor. Currently we run 6 active study programs at all three stages (bachelor, master and PhD), according to the Bologna guidelines. We are constantly expanding our research and activities in new experimental and theoretical fields, and we are constantly applying to national and international projects. In general we develop training and education within the profession, as well as popularize physics and natural sciences. With the research and development work we follow the guidelines for sustainable development into the high-tech society.

Activities that recently took place at the Department of Physics:

You can also meet us on the occasion of the Open Days of FNM that traditionally takes place yearly in the last week of January.

Head of the Department of Physics FNM UM,
doc. dr. Aleš Fajmut


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