We, physicists use the principles of universality and solve problems with analogies. For the physicist the unknown is a challenge! Through physics you can experience nature in all its exceptionality. Join us and become a member of a physicist society that drives technological development worldwide. Learn how to deal with problems, learn how to integrate knowledge from science. Physicist is a great trier, although other give way, he never cases from reasoning.


Why study Physics in Maribor?

Renewed study programs on our Department of Physics are unique in Slovenia. They are focused on the novel interdisciplinary fields of physics, such as biophysics, physics of complex systems, soft matter physics, econophysics, sociophysics, environmental physics and computational physics. However, educational physics with 50 years of experiences still remains our "trademark". We offer study on all three levels - from BSc, Ma to PhD. Browse our study programs and find out more.

Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia, is a friendly city with a long tradition of higher education. Its favourable position makes the city an economic, educational, sport and cultural centre of the north-eastern Slovenia. In the last years the region encounters quick development and the recovery of the economy and offers a broad range of employment opportunities as well as possibilities for research and academic careers. Last but not least, Maribor as the University City offers a wide range of students' activities from sports, culture and life-long learning to night life.


Would you like more information?

We invite you to browse our pages and find answers to your questions. If you can't find them all, do not hesitate to send us an email, either to our head of department (ales.fajmut@uni-mb.si) or anybody else.


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